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Bestar Sensortech Co., LTD., which locates in Zhonglou hi-tech district of Changzhou, is a member of Bestar Group. The company can conduct research and development, production and sales. It specializes in knock sensor, smog sensor, industry control sensor, ultrasonic sensor and parking sensor, etc. The products can be used in parking sensor system, detecting engine knock or vibration, smog control system, short distance test, industry automatic control, ultrasonic distance measurement, alarm system, parking aid system.
There are more than six personnel who have the Master's degree and PHD. Professor Qiu is distinguished professor of "thousands of talents plan" and "scholar of long river" , and he is also a Doctor in Tohoku University in Japan. He is the first Chinese professor in seven imperial university in Japan and senior technical consultant in Fuji Ceramic Company. New functional devices and systems are researched and developed, and totally 41 items of patents are applied for, of which 18 have been authorized. Metal core piezoelectric fibers were initiated by our company.
Computer design, manufacture and management are adopted to discover the developing direction: cooperation, innovation, developing new product and realizing industrialization. A large quantity of fund have been invested to purchase the most advanced test equipment and automatic processing equipment.
The company has a thorough quality control system, it was qualified ISO14001 in 2004; ISO9001 in 2005; TS16949 2009 (TUV); ISO13485 in February,2011.
The product is has high reliability and high stability. And the product performance is first-class domestically and in the worldwide, because of the design team and advanced equipment.
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